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Maximize Your Potential.

On-Field, High-Performance Training, Match/Training Analysis & Platform for Modern Attacking Players 

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ABOUT COmplete Striker

In everything we do, we believe everyone has the opportunity to "Maximize Their Potential."

Join Complete Striker Training, where individual and team potential converge to redefine the art of goal-scoring.

The program's methodology is specifically designed to create top Modern Attacking Players.

We provide a one-stop shop where players can use our wide range of services.

Our services include: On-field Position-Specific Training, Match/Training Analysis, Performance Training, and Mentorship/Consulting.

Led by 10 year professional player, Maksym Kowal uses strategies to maximize players' results throughout their football development.


meet the Coach

img_4368 2.jpg

Maksym KOwal
FOunder & Attacking Coach


Maksym Kowal, founder and head trainer of Complete Striker Training, is a Canadian-born professional footballer with a decorated playing career in numerous countries.  With his vast experience as a striker, his journey inspired him to build a methodology for modern attacking players.

His extensive football journey from Canada to England, Germany, Poland, New Zealand, & the USA, has allowed him to capture & compare the latest attacking trends of world football.


His expertise lies in the development of attacking footballers, tactical/game analysis, consulting & providing opportunities for the next generation of attacking players.


“Finishing is a key part of my game. The sessions are always helping me achieve my targets. Shooting exercises that simulate game situations really separate Complete Striker from the rest."

Nicole Kozlova
Ukraine National Team

HB Køge- Denmark


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